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Wild Organic Shapes

Pronounced "Chan*tek"
Malay: meaning "beautiful."

Licensed Esthetician | Holistic Approach |  Integrative Esthetics  Non-Invasive Facial Sculpting & Contouring | Certified in Thermocoagulation (Skin Tag | Brown Spot | Cherry Spot | & Milia Removal | Waxing | Brow & Lash Tinting

Cantik Esthetics Liza Idris


Liza would be happy to consult* with you about your own personalized needs. Please call, email or text for an appointment .

An In-Depth Consultation is  the beginning of

 your skin care journey with me. What are your specific concerns? What are your  expectations? I am your personal esthetician in your back pocket. I provide on-going guidance for you. Consultations with me begin with a phone call. Lets begin!

         Cantik Esthetics

         1959 152 St Unit #115

,        South Surrey

         Windsor Square, Building A

         Ample free parking!

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Cantik Esthetics is dedicated to providing superior services and creating lasting results for our clients. We strive for excellence and consistently provide the value people appreciate. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, constantly buttress our skill set with knowledge upgrading and believe these are key reasons why we have maintained such a loyal following through the years.

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Loyal Client Karen
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I am a long time client of this special lady. I trust her work and she cares deeply of each of her clients. Liza is a talented aesthetician with years of experience in many areas of cosmetology and skin care. She is also really easy to love.


I have my arms waxed a few times a year to enhance and highlight my tattoos. Liza is professional and highly skilled. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my friends.

I am so Thankful to Liza for her professionalism and authenticity. She was able to re-train my ingrown toenails and keep them from getting worse. Before Liza I had gone to my doctors, who's only solution was to pull the complete nail off. NO THANKS. Then I remembered meeting Liza and followed up with her on the services she provided. Now I am a lifer, I fully trust her.

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