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Thermocoagulation Post-Care

A combination of patience, good post-care and a great Esthetician is a recipe for true results!

Instructions & Mini-Post Care Kit

You will be provided with a mini take home kit and instructions for post-care. Your specific expectations of this service will be discussed during initial consultation. A solution/ recommendation will be provided.


Keep Dry

For best results: Keep treatment area as dry as possible. Depending on size/area/anomalie treated. Day 2-3 ,  area may become/ appear /feel slightly irritated (itchy.) It is part of the healing process.


Don't Pick or Scratch!

Do not pick or scratch scabs. Scabs will form from anywhere from day 5-7-10. The longer the scab stays on , the better. You may at this time apply recommended Moor Spa Soothing Lotion ( Purchase from me) or dab with certified organic coconut oil. That will help the scab not dry out and fall off too fast. It will nourish  the new cells as they are regenerating underneath! 



Anomalies removed from the underarm or upper body, loose clothing is recommended for comfort.

For Best Results: Please check in with me at the one week post-treatment and text me a photo of healing. I will follow up with a personal phone assessment.


Healing Time

Healing time for this procedure is a full 28 days for cell turnover. Blemishes can sometimes take longer  to heal, depending on skin type and post skincare home regimen. You will not scar.

*If an area needs a second treatment which it may, depending on size/area/type of anomalie, it can be done 4-6 weeks post first treatment.



Liza is a Licensed Esthetician. (Diploma 2000) Certified in Thermocoagulation. (Certification 2011). Thermocoagulation is a clinical service. It is a treatment designed specifically for skin tags and minor anomalies (Brown spots, skin tags, spider veins, cherry angiomas, red spots). Results for areas Liza treats are extremely successful and non-invasive.

Liza does not perform mole removal with this treatment. I recommend your Family Physician for that particular concern. If your Doctor deems there is no concern with the health of your mole, and you still want it  removed, your Doctor will recommend your next step.

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