Licensed Esthetician.



Foot Advocate.

Liza knows how difficult it can be to treat your skin. Liza has a lot of experience to help you with your skin care.

Liza graduated from VCC in 1999. Since then she has continuously honed her passion for not only providing exceptional service to her clients, but for establishing a personal connection with each of them by offering specific advice and addressing their unique personalized needs.


As a teen, Liza suffered with severe cystic acne, and is very aware of the social anxiety that results from these sorts of issues and the remedies to mitigate the issues. Likewise, Liza can offer expert advice on maturing skin, and help navigate the wide array of available anti-aging treatments and products.


Liza is also clinically trained in thermocoagulation, the removal of skin tags and minor skin anomalies. Everything she does is with kindness and compassion her attention to maintaining impeccable standards of cleanliness and hygiene are part of the reason she has had terrific customer retention through her many years in this industry.☺

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