Licensed Esthetician

Holistic Approach

Certified in Thermocoagulation

(removal of skin tags & minor anomalies)


I know how perplexing skin treatments can be and want to help understand your unique needs and guide you toward the results you desire.

As a teen, I suffered with severe cystic acne, so I am aware of, and sensitive to, the social anxiety that results from these sorts of inflictions. Together we can remediate the issues and set you on a path to sustainable improvement. Likewise, I offer expert advice on maturing skin, and help clients to navigate the wide array of available anti-aging treatments and products. Moor Spa skincare is my preferred choice for my treatment services as they use 100% natural sourced ingredients and have biodegradable packaging.

Graduated from VCC in 1999 and have worked in the esthetics field since then. I am passionate about providing exceptional service for my clients, by establishing a personal connection with each of them.

Clinically trained in thermocoagulation, the removal of skin tags and minor skin anomalies. Integrative Esthetics ( A balance of modern science and natural alternatives) a practice I have been applying to my treatments over the years, proudly claiming this as my specialty. This treatment has now been labeled in my industry as " Integrated Esthetics." Optimizing your skins integrity, health and strength, is my priority. I incorporate a Holistic Approach to your skin, head to toe!

I look forward to us meeting soon and beginning a new regime of skin treatment solutions.