Thermocoagulation, what is it? And how does it work?


Thermocoagulation is a safe and non-invasive specific treatment to rid of skin tags and minor skin anomalies. This treatment uses a high frequency current with its effects are based on heat. “Thermo”=HEAT, “Coagulation”= CAUTORIZE. The preciseness of the treatment helps protect the integrity of the surrounding tissue.

Here are a few examples of clients I have treated.

First Picture:  Cherry Angioma ( ruby spot, red dots.)                                   Second picture: Spider Angioma

They are common skin growths consisting of a collection of small blood vessels that can appear any where on the body. Typically not a cause for concern, unless they bleed or change in size, shape or color. Contact your Doctor if you have these symptoms.

Cherry Angioma.jpg
Cherry Angioma2.jpg
Cherry Angioma.jpg
Cherry Angioma2.jpg


Telangiectasia  (Fine broken capillaries, spider veins)

Often occur in fair-skinned individuals. Several factors contribute to their development.

*genetics* sun ,wind exposure (outdoor lifestyle) *medications*pregnancy*excessive alcohol consumption*acne*prolonged use of oral or topical corticosteroids*menopause*birth control pills. These factors may cause the formation of these facial telangiectasia..




*NOTE this particular client has an outdoor lifestyle and weather conditions were the main cause in this case. This was the the first of two treatments needed in this particular case. Second treatment was done 6 weeks later. Touch-ups in the future are recommended as new Telangiectases appear.

Skin Tag.jpg
Skin Tag.jpg

Darker Spots, Brown Spots, Skin tags, Freckles


Client requested only a few darker spots removed.

Skin tags:

They are small flaps of skin tissue, ranging from a few millimeters to , in extreme cases as big as half and inch. Skin tags can either occur in a casual cluster or alone. They can rest directly on the skin or look like they are hanging form a tiny stalk. Typically they match the color of your skin, however, some may be dark. Good news, they are not dangerous! 

Skin Tag 2.jpg
Skin Tag 2.jpg


This skin tag was located on the back. Note precision, and no surrounding tissue damage. Just needs the full cycle of 28 days to regenerate cells. 


An In-depth consultation is needed. Depending on the severity, I will be able to guide/recommend the most suitable treatment for you. I speak from personal experience. I have had professional treatments done in the past which in turn caused more damage. A Dermatologist (skin specialist) in my case was the only kick start to rid of my concern.

Below are some pictures of myself as I had suffered with Melasma.


For example:

These pictures were taken May 2018. Age 48. Pictures are taken after a few months of healing from applying an invasive topical cream from the Dermatologist. Note: slightly pinkish area: hence my skin cells were regenerating and beginning to heal (originally was much darker) These pictures were the starting point for me now to treat with my professional skincare line.

MY left and MY right profile were the 2 areas of concern.

My causes for my Melasma : Perimenopause+Past sun damage+Hot Yoga.(the heat, which I loved attributed to the dark melasma)

 This is me now, age 52. No makeup/fillers/botox/filters in this picture. With patience, perseverance, and my own natuaral, holistic skincare routine, I can say I am living proof, there is hope!! A significant improvement.


An In-depth consultation is necessary before thermocoagulation. This is considered a Clinical Service.
*more than one treatment may be needed in some cases. Strict post-care protocol is imperative for optimal healing.

Waxing White Rock

Thermocoagulation Pricing

***Pricing based on in-depth consultation. ***Photos of area of concern to be submitted before treatment , as well as intake form to help determine time needed for treatment.

Base rates below. 

30 minutes                                                         80

45 minutes                                                        120

60 minutes                                                       160

*This is considered as a Clinical Service. Medical Device used: Apilus Brand. Made in Canada.

Post-Care of Thermocoagulation Treatments

You will be provided with a mini take home kit and instructions for post-care. Your specific expectations of this service will be discussed during initial consultation. A solution/ recommendation will be provided.

For best results: Keep treatment area as dry as possible. Depending on size/area/anomalie treated. Day 2-3 ,  area may become/ appear /feel slightly irritated (itchy.) It is part of the healing process.

Do not pick or scratch scabs. Scabs will form from anywhere from day 5-7-10. The longer the scab stays on , the better. You may at this time apply recommended Moor Spa Soothing Lotion ( Purchase from me) or dab with certified

organic coconut oil. That will help the scab not dry out and fall off too fast. It will nourish  the new cells as they are regenerating underneath! 

Anomalies removed from the underarm or upper body, loose clothing is recommended for comfort.

Please check in with me at the one week post  treatment and text me a photo of healing. I will follow up with a personal phone assessment.


Healing time for this procedure is a full 28 days for cell turnover. Blemishes can sometimes take longer  to heal, depending on skin type and post skincare home regimen. You will not scar.

 If an area needs a second treatment which it may, depending on size/area/type of anomalie, it can be done 4-6 weeks post first treatment.


A combination of patience, good post-care and a great esthetician=results!

DISCLAIMER; I am a Licensed Esthetician,  Certified in Thermocoagulation. This is a clinical service. It is a treatment meant specifically for skin tags and minor anomalies. (Brown spots, skin tags, spider veins, cherry angiomas, red spots) Results for areas I treat are extremely successful and non-invasive.

I do not perform mole removal with this treatment. I recommend your Family Physician for that particular concern. If your Doctor deems there is no concern with the health of your mole, and you still want it  removed, your Doctor will recommend your next step.