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Cantik Esthetics South Surrey, B.C.


An In-depth consultation is needed. Depending on the severity, I will be able to guide/recommend the most suitable treatment for you. I speak from personal experience. I have had professional treatments done in the past which in turn caused more damage. A Dermatologist (skin specialist) in my case was the only kick start to rid of my concern.

Below are some pictures of myself as I had suffered with Melasma.


For example:

These pictures were taken May 2018. Age 48. Pictures are taken after a few months of healing from applying an invasive topical cream from the Dermatologist. Note: slightly pinkish area: hence my skin cells were regenerating and beginning to heal (originally was much darker) These pictures were the starting point for me now to treat with my professional skincare line.

MY left and MY right profile were the 2 areas of concern.

My causes for my Melasma : Perimenopause+Past sun damage+Hot Yoga.(the heat, which I loved attributed to the dark melasma)

 This is me now, age 52. No makeup/fillers/botox/filters in this picture. With patience, perseverance, and my own natuaral, holistic skincare routine, I can say I am living proof, there is hope!! A significant improvement.

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