Before you wax


1. Let your hair grow out for 14-21 days. This will provide enough hair for the wax to grab on to and provide a better result. (There are 3 cycles of hair growth)

2. Exfoliate three days and then one day before your wax. Use either a loofah, an exfoliating glove, or a sugar body scrub. The fresher the skin, the better the wax.

3. Book your appointment one week after your menstrual cycle has completed. You will have a higher threshold for pain and your skin is less sensitive.

4. Take an ibuprofen or aspirin prior to your appointment, if you are very sensitive to pain.




Once you start down the waxing road, it’s best to stay on it. It is recommended to leave 4 to 5 weeks between sessions.

It’s not uncommon to see stubble a couple of days after your wax. It’s not that the hair didn’t get waxed, it’s because its another hair cycle that was already in the skin prior to waxing. For best results wax twice before an event or vacation. After your fourth session, you should be hair free until your next session.


MOOR SPA Body bar and exfoliating help maintain a healthy, soft, smooth glowing skin.

Waxing Contraindications


A client intake form / in depth consultation helps ensure a successful waxing experience.
** Waxing is never done on clients taking Accutane and is not recommended for clients taking Retin A, Renova, Differin or other types of skin thinning acne medications. Please consult your dermatologist if you are taking any medication or using any topical cream that contains these medications.

  • Accutane (Acne medication) – You must be off this medication treatment course a minimum of one (1) year prior to waxing.

  • Adapalene (Acne medication)

  • Alustra (Retin A)

  • Avage (See Tazorac – Acne medication)

  • Avita (See Retin A)

  • Differin (Acne medication)

  • Isotretinoin (See Accutane)

  • Renova (See Retin A)

  • Retin A (Acne and Anti-aging medication)

  • Tazarac (Acne medication)

  • Tazarotene (See Tazorac)

  • Tretinoin (See Retin A)


** If you are currently using any of the following, please inform your esthetician. These products can make the skin more thin causing more sensitivity and vulnerable to lifting.

  • Other Acne medications not listed above

  • Bleaching agents for hair on face or purpose of skin brightening

  • Bleaching agents for pigmentation of skin (Hydraquinone, Trilumena)

  • Previous chemical depilatories such as Nair

  • Benzoyl Peroxide (ProActive)

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Glycolic, Lactic)

  • Oral Antibiotics

  • Topical Antibiotics

  • Retinol

  • Salicylic Acid

  • Other exfoliants: I.e facial scrubs / facial wipes

Precautions & Considerations: Guidelines.

  • Sunburned, irritated or areas with open skin cannot be waxed.

  • Moles cannot be waxed, only trimmed.

  • You must wait a minimum of seven (7) days before waxing after a light chemical peel or Microdermabrasion.

  • Waxing cannot be performed if you have been in a tanning booth the same day.

  • Waxing cannot be performed if you have had laser skin resurfacing within the past year.

  • Waxing cannot be performed if you have had a physician administered peel within the past two (2) years.

  • If irritation should occur, recommend you use an antibiotic ointment such as Polysporin triple antibiotic.

  • No sun/tanning booths for 2 days following a waxing treatment. Extra precaution should be taken if using tanning accelerators. Wait 2-3 days to wax before/after tanning with accelerators.

  • No hot baths for 24 hours following a body waxing treatment.

  • No abrasives for 24 hours following a waxing treatment.

  • No deodorants for 24 hours following an underarm waxing treatment.

Waxing Post Care


Avoid steam rooms, saunas, hot yoga, sun exposure, chlorine pools and intense exercising in the first 24-48 hours.

  • *For body waxing, wear loose, comfy clothing.

  • Keep the waxed area clean, but do not use heavily scented body washes, creams OR exfoliate the area for 48 hours.

  • We recommend never shaving or tweezing in between appointments.


When you first switch from shaving to waxing it is very common that the area post wax is not silky smooth.

  • There are 3 stages of hair growth: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. You will have hairs left behind that were still in the early Anagen stage and not long enough to be removed at your initial appointment. This is natural and even expected for your first few appointments. Your hair will all be at different points in the growth cycle for your first 3 or 4 sessions. This is why it is crucial not to shave or tweeze between your waxing appointments! After you 3rd (or possible 4th!) appointment all your hair will be synced. Your diligence in home care before the wax treatment will affect your waxing service and results.

  • Exfoliation is crucial. Wait TWO full days after waxing before you exfoliate, this is to reduce and eliminate ingrown hairs. You can use an exfoliating glove, brush, or scrub. Moisturize daily to keep the skin and hair soft.

  • Polysporin triple antibiotic can be applied to sensitive areas on the face.


Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any concerns.

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