Latest technology that treats skin imperfections quickly, precisely and gently.


An in-depth consultation and waxing intake form is provided to all new clients.

Facials/Skin Treatments

Facials have become a necessity versus a luxury. Serious about your skincare?

Hand/Foot Care

Beautiful hands and feet begin with healthy, resilient nails combined with a relaxing massage &


We are a group of professional women that offer a variety of services to suit your needs and can accommodate you with all your needs in one or as a group. We offer top notch service and consulting for any occasion. Inspiring women is our goal, and we want you to feel like a queen, like you should. Get pampered and feel like a true woman, like you deserve, we will make sure of that by lifting your spirits and providing the most exceptional service.

Special Occasions

We provide planning, logistics and arrangements for your wedding, anniversary, graduation or tiara party. There are no limits for what you have in mind and we will work with you to achieve everlasting memories and exceptional service.

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